Projects 2009

September 28, 2010


Fall 2009

line board is flat drawings with information about the colors and sometimes fabrics.

Spring 2009

Concept boards are a way for fashion designers to describe their target market with as less words as possible.

*I made these projects in my ‘forecasting trends in apparel’ class. My concept was that in 2009, more ‘unisex’ items will be popular in the fashion industry.

Today I wore… sept.28

September 28, 2010

  • white tank with attached denim skirt
  • jersey necklace made by @katarations 🙂

stripe nails

September 26, 2010

Today I wore… Sept 23

September 24, 2010

  • floral ruffle top
  • long cardigan that was first a dress (made by mom)
  • black tights

stayed up till 2 finishing up this project of target market for a consumer who wears Northface jackets

yeahhh… my shoe came apart during school. had to tape the bottom sole… not cutee haha

mix matched patterns

food trucks!

Cupcakes: lemon raspberry & red velvet

Today I wore…sept.22

September 22, 2010

  • royal blue circle scarf  (TheColorainbow original)
  • loose v-neck shirt (made by mom)
  • black vest
  • jeggings!
  • my all time favorite red flats (vintage from grandma)

almost had an anxiety attack this morning because I was almost late downtown. I hate being late…

benefits of cleaning out the space after a sample sale. Found some loose fabric, buttons, “odds and ends & even some old string” oh the many random things i get giddy over.

this nifty card is the NEW muni pass. I got all confused trying to get to the muni from downtown. Apparently they just started using these a week ago. It looks a little more official than that paper stuff we use to get & you can reuse it over and over again. smaaart SF

P.S. i thought i was suppose to use these cards like a credit card and swipe it… i was wrong. You lay it flat on the circle thingy until the gate opens. A cop had to show me how to use it & i was causing traffic. whooops.

always amazed @ how many people ride bikes to school.

knitted artwork on campus

san mateo

mom bought a shit load of fabric from walmart! yussss project time!!

October issue

all i want is miguel now. this song has been stuck in my head for the past month & im still not tired of it

Today I wore…sept.21

September 22, 2010

  • vintage blazer from grandma
  • striped long sleeve (Paris sketches anyone?)
  • high waist shorts
  • tights
  • vintage boots from grandma

a 12hr day at school… blehhhh. me time doesn’t start till 12am almost every day/morning :/  BUT got a clearer understanding as to what I want to be doing with my own business and where to go from here. Excited for the upcoming year! Also working on ‘A Winter Classic’ line for TheColorainbow accessories coming November 2010.. a few months short of prep, but nothing’s ever too late!

Couture spa[ghetto] & meatballs costume… really Target?

Holloway sunset

Today I wore…sept.20

September 20, 2010

  • vintage purple blazer from grandma
  • gray long sleeve with black bow
  • jeggings!

thecolorainbow original ring.

What a crazy first day at internship. Got there before the store even opened & people were already lining up to get inside. Today was the last day for the Ann Taylor sample sale… Good thing i saved some stuff before we packed it all away muahah! Some people are crazy during sample sales… pushing and shoving each other all to get one pair of pants. gotta do whatever to get your moneys worth right?

P.S. I actually ate a banana on the way home haha thanks ladyyy :]

  • brought a lunch from home in my ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ bag 🙂 (target $1)
  • aluminum water can (borders [on sale] $2)

sunset, sort of. with east bay dinosaurs. rawrr

Today I wore… sept.19

September 19, 2010

Trying to start this new “what i wore today” by posting a picture every day. that is of course if i don’t “bum it” all day.

Also, I Started a tumblr account ( & its frustrating me because I cant get my picture feature to load any pictures. ugh guess i’m gonna have to do it the way I’ve been doing it… through gmail & wordpress on the lappy. What’s the point of having the app on your phone if the software isn’t even gonna work. dammit blackberry i hate you, but i love you! meehhh

Fuzznastic. video #3 coming soon. yeee!

  • home made pink infinity scarf
  • 3/4 sleeve navy blue sweater
  • brown & glitter cut offs
  • $5 boots from garage sale

  • faded blue nail design
  • inspiration: ocean waves

This week I am excited for…

  1. First day of internship (woot, woot!)
  2. HIMYM (whaaaat up!)
  3. GLEE

alameda sushi house (Jan. 2008)

alameda sushi house (Jan. 2008)

embarcadero (Nov. 2008)

embarcadero (Nov. 2008)

GG bridge (Nov. 2008)

GG bridge (Nov. 2008)

secret spot (Nov. 2008)

san jose (Dec. 2008)

santa barbra (Dec. 2008)

UC (Dec. 2008)

san mateo bridge (Dec. 2008)

san mateo bridge (Dec. 2008)

on the 5 (Jan. 2009)

monterey (March 2009)

monterey (March 2009)

rock-a-way beach (May 2009)

Bodega Bay (June 2009)

Bodega Bay (June 2009)

SF (June 2009)

East Bay (June 2009)

Arizona (July 2009)

on the 5 (July 2009)

on the 5 (July 2009)

on the 5 (Aug. 2009)

pier 39 (Aug. 2009)

Tanforan (Aug. 2009)

lake almanor (Aug. 2009)

lake almanor (Aug. 2009)

lake almanor (Aug. 2009)

lake almanor (Aug. 2009)

SF villas (Sept. 2009)

Dumbarton bridge (Sept. 2009)

SF (Sept. 2009)

SF (Sept. 2009)

vegas baby (Nov. 2009)

ocean beach (March 2010)

mountain house (May 2010)

san mateo (May 2010)

buffalo wild wings (June 2010)

mountain house (June 2010)

hayward (July 2010)

(July 2010)

santa cruz (July 2010)

santa cruz (July 2010)

lake almanor (Aug. 2010)

880 (Aug. 2010)

‘A Lot To Say’

September 11, 2010

check out-

Just recently found out about this business through my fashion class & i LOVE how they spread awareness through their products.

  • long sleeves
  • t-shirts
  • tanks
  • underwear
  • totes
  • umbrellas
  • e-cards

Friend, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

This line is part of a conscientious life style because all of ‘A Lot To Say’ products are made up of recycled bottles and waterless dyes. These designers killed two birds with one stone by reducing energy consumption in their products and by helping remove bio-degradable materials from landfill. Both ideas are conscientious to the environment and therefore live an eco-friendly life style.

Love, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

Based off of their “Manifesto”, this company believes that if someone has something to say, they should express it. In this case it is in the form of apparel. Each of the products have one big bold word and underneath it has a caption about either statistics about recycling, ways you can help the environment, global warming and cancer. By doing this, this company is spreading awareness about the environment and making it an incentive to buy their product. Cause marketing in this campaign is successful because they give back to community by donating a percentage of the profits to a charity or cause.

Fuel, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

This designers are social entrepreneur that wanted to start a line because they felt that the eco-friendly apparel that was out there today was not so exciting. With their method for selling products, they are able to shift the perception of others by having them think sustainable. The strategies that these social entrepreneurs have is that they are constantly looking for new ways to benefit the society. In this case, ‘A Lot To Say’ has the passion to create change through their clothing.

Breathe, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

All of their products are dedicated to improving the lives of other people by having them well informed about a cause or an issue and backing it up with a statistic. One of the products I thought was very inspirational was the one about change. It stated that “change is not only good, but essential. if every person on the planet made 1 positive change today, it would add up to over 6 billion acts of generosity, hope, insight and goodwill in a 24 hour period. Pretty powerful stuff.” Just by reading that one statement, it made me feel rejuvinated in a way and made me want to spread good vibes to everyone else.

Change, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

Their products are definitely a Tripple Target Sustainabiliy because although the idea of sustainabiliy is not a new concept, these designers re-made the idea of what sustainability means by selling different products than what are already out there. This of course generated sales in the market place giving them an advantage to a fresh product. By thinking sustainability, these designers wanted a way to reduce the unhealthy methods in producing products by reducing expenses and choosing methods that don’t harm the environment. These designers have the complete advantage at making quality products because consumers are more likely to buy a product if there is an incentive.

The End, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee