Today I wore…sept.20

September 20, 2010

  • vintage purple blazer from grandma
  • gray long sleeve with black bow
  • jeggings!

thecolorainbow original ring.

What a crazy first day at internship. Got there before the store even opened & people were already lining up to get inside. Today was the last day for the Ann Taylor sample sale… Good thing i saved some stuff before we packed it all away muahah! Some people are crazy during sample sales… pushing and shoving each other all to get one pair of pants. gotta do whatever to get your moneys worth right?

P.S. I actually ate a banana on the way home haha thanks ladyyy :]

  • brought a lunch from home in my ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ bag 🙂 (target $1)
  • aluminum water can (borders [on sale] $2)

sunset, sort of. with east bay dinosaurs. rawrr

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