‘A Lot To Say’

September 11, 2010

check out- http://shop.alottosay.com/

Just recently found out about this business through my fashion class & i LOVE how they spread awareness through their products.

  • long sleeves
  • t-shirts
  • tanks
  • underwear
  • totes
  • umbrellas
  • e-cards

Friend, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

This line is part of a conscientious life style because all of ‘A Lot To Say’ products are made up of recycled bottles and waterless dyes. These designers killed two birds with one stone by reducing energy consumption in their products and by helping remove bio-degradable materials from landfill. Both ideas are conscientious to the environment and therefore live an eco-friendly life style.

Love, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

Based off of their “Manifesto”, this company believes that if someone has something to say, they should express it. In this case it is in the form of apparel. Each of the products have one big bold word and underneath it has a caption about either statistics about recycling, ways you can help the environment, global warming and cancer. By doing this, this company is spreading awareness about the environment and making it an incentive to buy their product. Cause marketing in this campaign is successful because they give back to community by donating a percentage of the profits to a charity or cause.

Fuel, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

This designers are social entrepreneur that wanted to start a line because they felt that the eco-friendly apparel that was out there today was not so exciting. With their method for selling products, they are able to shift the perception of others by having them think sustainable. The strategies that these social entrepreneurs have is that they are constantly looking for new ways to benefit the society. In this case, ‘A Lot To Say’ has the passion to create change through their clothing.

Breathe, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

All of their products are dedicated to improving the lives of other people by having them well informed about a cause or an issue and backing it up with a statistic. One of the products I thought was very inspirational was the one about change. It stated that “change is not only good, but essential. if every person on the planet made 1 positive change today, it would add up to over 6 billion acts of generosity, hope, insight and goodwill in a 24 hour period. Pretty powerful stuff.” Just by reading that one statement, it made me feel rejuvinated in a way and made me want to spread good vibes to everyone else.

Change, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

Their products are definitely a Tripple Target Sustainabiliy because although the idea of sustainabiliy is not a new concept, these designers re-made the idea of what sustainability means by selling different products than what are already out there. This of course generated sales in the market place giving them an advantage to a fresh product. By thinking sustainability, these designers wanted a way to reduce the unhealthy methods in producing products by reducing expenses and choosing methods that don’t harm the environment. These designers have the complete advantage at making quality products because consumers are more likely to buy a product if there is an incentive.

The End, Short Sleeved Women’s Tee

2 Responses to “‘A Lot To Say’”

  1. Robin said

    So pleased you’ve heard about A Lot To Say. Would love to know more about how you heard about us. And thanks for spreading the word about our positive message!

    A Lot To Say

  2. TheColorainbow said

    Hi Robin! I heard about ‘A Lot To Say’ from my fashion merchandising teacher at SFSU. Love the work you do! keep it up 🙂

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