May 28 watches

May 28, 2013

Love my watches!!


Made a pin for my friend on his birthday for a Disneyland trip!





Gatsby nails

May 23, 2013

Inspired by the costume design of the movie. Catherine Martin definitely hit spot on with the 1920 style and made you feel like you were a part of it.

Used a super thin brush to create the lines.




I actually like my left more than my right this time! đŸ˜†

Since Memorial Day is coming up, window displays are featuring a USA theme to remember the veterans who died while serving in the United States.




Macy’s woman’s building, San Francisco

Great game with Disney Pixars Monsters Sulley & Mike Wazowski! Watch Monsters University on June 21!


Fun Fact Friday

May 17, 2013

Fashion was born in the 12th century.
All started with cloth wrapped around the human form with natural falls called draping.

Later on tailoring became more of the structure for the human form by focusing on different parts of the body called patterns. These are more form fitting to the body.

Now a days, fashion designers like to use tailoring as a base but use draping as an extra detailing.

Resources: 101 things I learned in fashion school (Cabrera & Frederick)

This window display (I believe) is a modern day take on the 1920’s era relating to the 2013 film that was just released of The Great Gatsby.

I have yet to see the movie, but here’s a little fashion history I read about the 1920’s to help me prep for the movie.

The movie is set in 1922 after WW1 when men and women were questioning the American Dream. Changes in social behavior especially with the younger women at the time were called “flapper” girls and felt free to do whatever they wanted where as before the war, women were more reserved and “lady-like”. Short skirts, no stockings, shorter hair, an unfitted waist and and red lips were common during this time. Pearl drop earrings, fur neck pieces, Art Deco influenced pendants and scarves were popular. For men: tuxedo, business suits, polo coats and Oxford shoes were common (suit and tie eh?!).

Art Deco brought in geometric forms as artistic expression. Egyptian motifs and art movements such a cubism and expressionism were visible in his designs.

Coco Chanel was a strong designer of French Couture. She started off with a small shop where she made casual knit jackets and pull overs that were comfortable and practical. She began designing for film stars as a way of spreading the word about her talent through social media.


I think I’m ready for the movie! Here’s the trailer if you need a refresher. I’ve heard a little bit of the soundtrack and I already love it!



•Tortora and Eubank, 2010

Now a days woodwork isn’t just used for tables, roofs or birdhouses but it is also used in accessory form as well. Wooden accessories has become an on going trend and it will become more and more popular as time goes on.

Here are a few accessories I’ve collected over the past year. I’m obsessed! (Not really)


1. HausofGodSpeed pedant necklace

2. Diamond punch out ring I got at the SFMOMA

3. Party sunglasses

4. Handcrafted beadwork bracelet from the Philippines

5. Earth watch

6. Earring studs I got at SCRAP, a craft-everything store