Today I wore… sept.19

September 19, 2010

Trying to start this new “what i wore today” by posting a picture every day. that is of course if i don’t “bum it” all day.

Also, I Started a tumblr account ( & its frustrating me because I cant get my picture feature to load any pictures. ugh guess i’m gonna have to do it the way I’ve been doing it… through gmail & wordpress on the lappy. What’s the point of having the app on your phone if the software isn’t even gonna work. dammit blackberry i hate you, but i love you! meehhh

Fuzznastic. video #3 coming soon. yeee!

  • home made pink infinity scarf
  • 3/4 sleeve navy blue sweater
  • brown & glitter cut offs
  • $5 boots from garage sale

  • faded blue nail design
  • inspiration: ocean waves

This week I am excited for…

  1. First day of internship (woot, woot!)
  2. HIMYM (whaaaat up!)
  3. GLEE

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