As i was going through my piles and piles of clothes to donate, i realized that i could still use some of the clothes that i had and turn it into something totally different.

Beyond Fashion

Got this book for a graduation present from my sister & decided to go through it for some ideas on what to do with old clothing. A lot of the ideas in this book were made from regular cotton t-shirts. Took one of my old t-shirts (haha yes, its a PACE shirt), and made it into a simple black skirt:

can make skirt attached to tank or unattached. In this case.. unattached.

But what i really wanted to remake was this. The length was below my knees and sleeves were half sleeves.

So… i cut it. (Sorry sister. haha)

cut off sleeves at a diagonal, and back half (halter-ish)

cut top half off

cut back strip in half down the middle & cut diagonals

took an elastic band & sewed a slot in skirt

insert elastic into slot

6 ways to wear

tadaaa! what was suppose to be a one piece…

… actually turned into a two piece, so i left it at that.


halter vest


halter top + black shirt/skirt made earlier

Painting Fun

For the longest time i’ve had many blank canvas’ laying around. It’s about time i decided to do something with them. i’ve always liked paintings that require more than one canvas…its different and it creates more depth and opens your eyes to an even bigger perspective.



by JMJSTUDIO on Etsy

Emma Dalton

artisansofbali on Ebay


3 piece painting: “UP”

not profesh, but playful & fun colors 🙂

Summer project#1: PILLOW STUFFED OWL

*TheColorainbow original: dedicated to my sister… who loves owls and birds… and cute shit. haha

Don’t throw your old t-shirts & scraps away!

1 large t-shirt= 4 owls


  • 4-5 different colors/patterns of fabric
  • needle & thread (any color)
  • pillow stuffing
  • cut out patterns


  1. take large t-shirt & trace owl body out onto fabric
  2. trace other body parts on different color fabrics
  3. cut out each piece (owl body should be both the front & back of t-shirt)
  4. sew around the edges
  5. leave one end open
  6. stuff until soft and cuddly
  7. close up the end

*Juan Bautista Circle

May 21, 2010