Filgrad :)

May 30, 2010

Filipino Graduation is something that I’ve looked forward to ever since I was a Freshman at San Francisco State University. “FilGrad” is a seperate graduation ceremony from the big commencement in which students (filipino & non-filipino) come together and run their OWN graduation without any limitations on how to do it; well except for the rules of the gym and campus.

For 5 months, students have met once every other week to plan, practice, and produce this big celebration. Students work in committees such as Aesthetics, Fundraising, Programs, Entertainment & Speech and talk about what WE want in this graduation and how it will be DIFFERENT than any other graduations.

Of course I can’t forget about the 4 pepole on the logistics committee who were the back bone of Filgrad. They were in charge of running meetings, making sure everything is being planned, and helping us financially. Which brings me to PACE the Pilipino American Collegiate Endeavor of San Francisco State University. This student-run organization is a non-profit org that helps contribute to FilGrad as well. The Head Coordinator and Assistant-Head Coordinator were the two that mostly helped with logistics as far as handling the money. With 12 members on PACE’s Core, they each helped out on the day of the event as volunteers along with the new Core and other PACE volunteers to help make FilGrad a huge success.

Yes, we started everything from scratch. We raised our own money, and thought of out own ideas to make such a huge celebration like this one. Everyone put their hard work and dedication not for our own sake and pleasure, but for our families and friends that have come near and far to see what we have accomplished throughout our years at SFSU.

BIG ups to the Aesthetics committee for their hard work and dedication. We hand-made all the decorations & made the gym look so amazing!!! GREAT TEAM to work with & will never forget these last final moments before going into graduation 🙂

Want your family to stand out in a crowd during graduation!? GO BIG!



  • 2-3 black poster board paper
  • Elmers glue
  • wooden sticks
  • pencil
  • tape

  1. make a mickey template with 1 large circle & 2 smaller circles
  2. cut out 6 per poster board
  3. glue along the edges of the mickey
  4. sprinkle glitter
  5. tape sticks to the back of the head

@ Ohlone College