Today I wore… Oct. 27

October 29, 2010

  • loose stripped shirt with purple designed flower from Ross
  • Jeggings!
  • Black knee high boots

  • long gold chain necklace
  • thin gold bangles
  • light blue wooden studs from SCRAP thrift store
  • light blue sterling silver ring from NY

Today I wore… Oct. 26

October 29, 2010

  • loose gray sweatshirt with big collar
  • textured black tights
  • Black knee high boots

Halloween nails

October 25, 2010

Inspiration ❤

Today I wore… Oct 21.

October 22, 2010

  • black long thin blazer w/ shoulder pads – 66% acetate, 34% rayon (vintage from grandma)

  • ruffle top- 100% polyester trim & 100 % model body
  • high-waist shorts-100% lyocell shell, 100% polyester lining
  • black tights
  • black knee high boots

  • Thecolorainbow original peacock earrings
  • gold bird ring
  • simple heart ring

Today I wore… Oct. 20

October 20, 2010

  • PURPLE off the shoulder cotton/poly/rayon/nylon blend top made my mother.
  • jeggings!
  • black knee high boots

  • gold Bambi necklace
  • gold chandelier-ish earrings
  • black oval rock ring


October 19, 2010

A little something for my little Niece and Nephews 🙂



  • stickers
  • cardstock paper
  • cardboard cut outs
  • Halloween jokes


Who says Halloween has to be scary? Creative ideas from Michaels.. so much inspiration!


Also, these lovely fabric pumpkins i found at Target for $1. I didn’t buy them cause i figured i could just make some of my own.

take a look at ohsohappytogether @

EVERYTHING she makes is handmade, recycled, upcycled & her daughter is too cute!


Here’s my version of the fabric pumpkins. This was just a trial, might make more later, but enjoy!

Today I wore… Oct. 19

October 19, 2010

  • Black Long sleeve
  • 100% wool jacket vintage from grandma
  • black textured tights
  • knee high boots

  • Peacock bracelet
  • green wooden stud earrings
  • gold feather double ring
  • plain long chain necklace (actually, its one of those chain belts… remember when those were in? haha yeah i still have em but wear it as a necklace)

Today I wore… Oct. 17

October 17, 2010

  • home-made loose rust orange top made by mom
  • jeggings!
  • black knee high boots

Today I wore… Oct. 15

October 15, 2010

  • re-made shirt
  • Forever light blue skinny jeans
  • black TOMS

  • I dont usually put fancy gems on my nails, but i couldn’t resist these bow gems 🙂 I think gems look nice on nails as long as you don’t overdo it if you know what i mean.

re-made this t-shirt. I got it for free somewhere and never wore it… plus i didnt like the caption.

  • cut one shoulder off & the other sleeve

  • cut open the extra pieces so that it lays flat

  • cut strips out of the extra pieces

  • weave needle in and out (running stitch)

  • to make these ruffles (try not to waste any of the materials & use it all)

  • layer ruffles along shoulder & sew onto the shirt

  • the finished product

Today I wore… Oct. 14

October 14, 2010

another beautiful day in the bay.

  • Vintage stacked flat beaded necklace from sister
  • Old navy tank with lace
  • Forever jeggings!
  • Target sandals