I used mixed xmas beads in with buttons of all sizes to create a statement necklace.


Happy Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2013



My mother and I made some pizza today instead of eating out with all the other mother and daughters

T+B wedding

May 12, 2013

Attended one of my friends super cute backyard wedding yesterday!











Ever wondered what those annoying little balls of fuzzies are at the surface of your sweater?

This is because of PILLING.

When you wash and wear your cotton, polyester and nylon sweaters, the fabric tends to lose its fibers due to the abrasion, or the rubbing against other material. Parts of the clothes on your body that may get the most PILLING are the thighs, rear, collar and wrists- this is because the fabric on these parts of your body have the most movement against other objects. For example, your jeans rub against the seat of an office chair or a fabric covered classroom chair and this will create pilling over time.

How to avoid this?
1. Turn your clothes inside out
2. Use a gentle detergent
3. Use a delicate cycle
4. Avoid rubbing fabric on fabric
5. Air dry
6. Hand wash your clothes


I was going through some of my old pictures and came across this picture of these two lovebirds a.k.a. my parents back in 1969. This photo was taken in San Francisco at Pier 39. My mom had just moved to Daly City, California from the Philippines in 1967 and my dad soon followed two years after in 1969 Because he was interested in winning her heart. (Which he did!)

Wearing a black Suit with a maroon tie and tie clip. I can’t help but compliment on his choice of argyle socks!

Wearing a yellow two-piece suit, Flats and a grey purse which she handed down to me.



I love looking at new window displays because you’ll always discover something knew happening in the area or you’ll learn information you never knew before or it might just catch your eye.

This window display was a Mother’s Day themed display with pastel floral colors for spring that just got me thinking about what I want to do with my mom for Mother’s Day.

It’s coming up quick! One thing I always keep in mind is that parents appreciate the simple things. You don’t always have to spend $$ to make your mother happy. Here are a few thing you can do with a smaller budget. First think of what makes your mother happy and then go from there:

Here’s what MY mom would appreciate:

1. Arts and crafts- my mother and I have a love for crafts and we are also very resourceful. For example, I once used a placemat I bought at target (on sale) to make a one of a kind spring floral clutch similar to the one here.

2. Green thumb- one of my mothers hobbies is to plant in the garden. One time we used the empty toilet paper rolls as a plant pot to plant our new seeds!

3. Home-cooked- my mom LOVES to bake.. Even my friends know it (cause they love it too!) I saw on “the talk” a really good recipe for earl gray lavender cupcakes that I want to try and I know my mom will love it too! She’s always looks for new ideas or inventing her own or altering a recipe to make it better.

As long as you and your mother have a great time bonding, it’s a Mother’s Day treat for not only her, but yourself as well!

FAB-ulous items

May 7, 2013

Started recently getting emails from Fab.com and EVERY email has been an eye catcher. Here are some items I thought that were very unique.

JumpFromPaper (cool, comically cute bags)

Mr. GUGU & Miss GO (big n bold graphics for all



Jeans was first discovered in 1853 By Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis when goldminers needed pants to last them long enough to work in the mines during the goldrush.

Here’s a timeline of the evolution of Jeans:

•1930’s jeans were popular because of western and cowboy films.

•1940’s working class women wore jeans in the factories.

•1950’s teen idles such as Elvis Presley & James Dean were jean icons

•1960/1970’s anti-war protesters saw the jean as a symbol of solidarity and a medium of self expression with added designs, patches and painted messages.

•1980’s- jeans were altered into jackets, skirts and entire suits with an acid wash finish and studs.

Currently the blue jean still exists but with more wow! It has been taken to another level. The forever popular blue jean aka the “Chambray” is the the new trend for both men and women. It is becoming a wardrobe basic along side your favorite pair of jean pants and white t-shirt.

•Tortora & Eubank, 2010



Put together a 70’s inspired look:

+CHAMBRAY button up I kept in my closet hoping the style would come back

+sideways chevron HIGH WAIST SHORTS my mom sewed together

+ these LAMB WEDGES my sisters friend passed down to me 🙂


Haven’t been able to do my nails up since I’ve been busy with work. Decided to do a light milky pink with a floral black and white salon effects nail. These sticker nails are a little tricky because if you don’t pull it taught enough it can lift up and it won’t have that sticky adhesive anymore.