I love looking at new window displays because you’ll always discover something knew happening in the area or you’ll learn information you never knew before or it might just catch your eye.

This window display was a Mother’s Day themed display with pastel floral colors for spring that just got me thinking about what I want to do with my mom for Mother’s Day.

It’s coming up quick! One thing I always keep in mind is that parents appreciate the simple things. You don’t always have to spend $$ to make your mother happy. Here are a few thing you can do with a smaller budget. First think of what makes your mother happy and then go from there:

Here’s what MY mom would appreciate:

1. Arts and crafts- my mother and I have a love for crafts and we are also very resourceful. For example, I once used a placemat I bought at target (on sale) to make a one of a kind spring floral clutch similar to the one here.

2. Green thumb- one of my mothers hobbies is to plant in the garden. One time we used the empty toilet paper rolls as a plant pot to plant our new seeds!

3. Home-cooked- my mom LOVES to bake.. Even my friends know it (cause they love it too!) I saw on “the talk” a really good recipe for earl gray lavender cupcakes that I want to try and I know my mom will love it too! She’s always looks for new ideas or inventing her own or altering a recipe to make it better.

As long as you and your mother have a great time bonding, it’s a Mother’s Day treat for not only her, but yourself as well!

Manne, manne, Mannequins

November 27, 2012

Thanks to my cousin who got me these babies!!!!