Fun Fact Friday- Pilling

May 10, 2013

Ever wondered what those annoying little balls of fuzzies are at the surface of your sweater?

This is because of PILLING.

When you wash and wear your cotton, polyester and nylon sweaters, the fabric tends to lose its fibers due to the abrasion, or the rubbing against other material. Parts of the clothes on your body that may get the most PILLING are the thighs, rear, collar and wrists- this is because the fabric on these parts of your body have the most movement against other objects. For example, your jeans rub against the seat of an office chair or a fabric covered classroom chair and this will create pilling over time.

How to avoid this?
1. Turn your clothes inside out
2. Use a gentle detergent
3. Use a delicate cycle
4. Avoid rubbing fabric on fabric
5. Air dry
6. Hand wash your clothes


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