DIY shoelace sequin bracelet tutorial

October 5, 2012

•sequins (< $5 at craft stores)
•shoelaces ($1 @ dollar store) *just 1 lace will be used*
•needle & thread (Thread color depending on shoelace color)


1. Take one Shoelace and fold in the middle. Tie a knot so that it makes a loop at the end. You now have two ends. Tape shoelace loop to a flat surface to begin.


2. Take needle & thread & pierce through shoelace loop. This needle and thread will be used throughout the bracelet so make sure it’s long enough to work with.


3. Take one sequin and poke needle through the center hole and pull thread through.


4. Loop thread under the right shoelace from outside in and poke needle through sequin again but from underneath- up. Pull thread through.


5. Loop the thread under left shoelace from outside in. Your thread should be in the center of both shoelaces. Repeat with different color sequin until length desired.


6. After you’ve made your length, sew the 2 shoelaces together in the middle. Choose a button that will fit the loop at the top of your bracelet. Sew that button on the end of your bracelet.


7. Cut off extra shoelace ends.


8. And there you have the finished product!

How’d you do?

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    For the more crafty of us (not me) 😉

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