Summer Project #3: Refashion

June 30, 2010

As i was going through my piles and piles of clothes to donate, i realized that i could still use some of the clothes that i had and turn it into something totally different.

Beyond Fashion

Got this book for a graduation present from my sister & decided to go through it for some ideas on what to do with old clothing. A lot of the ideas in this book were made from regular cotton t-shirts. Took one of my old t-shirts (haha yes, its a PACE shirt), and made it into a simple black skirt:

can make skirt attached to tank or unattached. In this case.. unattached.

But what i really wanted to remake was this. The length was below my knees and sleeves were half sleeves.

So… i cut it. (Sorry sister. haha)

cut off sleeves at a diagonal, and back half (halter-ish)

cut top half off

cut back strip in half down the middle & cut diagonals

took an elastic band & sewed a slot in skirt

insert elastic into slot

6 ways to wear

tadaaa! what was suppose to be a one piece…

… actually turned into a two piece, so i left it at that.


halter vest


halter top + black shirt/skirt made earlier

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