Summer Project #1: Hoot hoot!

June 22, 2010

Summer project#1: PILLOW STUFFED OWL

*TheColorainbow original: dedicated to my sister… who loves owls and birds… and cute shit. haha

Don’t throw your old t-shirts & scraps away!

1 large t-shirt= 4 owls


  • 4-5 different colors/patterns of fabric
  • needle & thread (any color)
  • pillow stuffing
  • cut out patterns


  1. take large t-shirt & trace owl body out onto fabric
  2. trace other body parts on different color fabrics
  3. cut out each piece (owl body should be both the front & back of t-shirt)
  4. sew around the edges
  5. leave one end open
  6. stuff until soft and cuddly
  7. close up the end

One Response to “Summer Project #1: Hoot hoot!”

  1. ahah. i like the photoshoot!

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