April 23, 2010

Yesterday’s Fashion show was AMAZING! Thank You to everyone who came out and supported! ❤

raffle give-a-ways

ADM 469 students handling raffle tables

Teacher Connie Ulasewicz

Fashion Network Association door team



…And the show begins!

Wee Scotty

Rebecca Pieper

ATLAS 2010 discovery of lost words

“contemporary structure, inspired by old weathered maps. women emerging out of the Bermuda Triangle”

Danielle LoGiudice


“Inspired by the world of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland”

Kripa Gurung

Bigtop Bombshell

“by film noir and vintage circus posters”

Rebecah Barraza

Orange Bliss

“Life imitates art”

Tu Van Tran

cosmic flowers

“nothing inspires me more than celestial objects and music”

Kaysha Silva

Loli Pop

“Inside every woman is a little girl playing dress-up

Monavie Tutop


“art for art’s sake” -Dante Alighieri

Cody Catrin Chase

Beach Party 2012

“a cosmic figment of my mind, a world that i’ve designed”

Stephanie Chansin

Bread & Butter

“thank you to my family and friends for your continuing support”

Kelly Curtis

City Meadow

“inspired from the past made to fit into the present”

Roxanne Leung

wild life

“inspired by the jungle’s beauty; my life is sexy, feminine and casual”

Krystle Murray


“once upon a time… can happen anytime. E’ternellement Jeune.”

Cailin Calandro

Bal des vistimes

“there is nothing new except what has been forgotten” -Marie antionette

Katy Cheng & Janice Jin Guan

illusional dreams

Jack lim


“sometimes its fun to be bad” — in loving memory, of sandy

Brianna small

Midnight Garden

“thread $2, fabric $10, learning to sew in one year, priceless”

Kelly Pentacost

Elegant Rebellion

Ashley Miller

Depths of nature

“nature inspired this collection through color, texture, and fabric choice”

Ayako Iwamoto

un-boquet d’arc-en-ciel (the boquet of rainbow)

“a rainbow of elegant wedding gowns, inspired from flowers”

Jennifer Cantwell

the innocent eye

“being youthful doesnt mean being young, there is absolutely no age limit on our imagination”

Caesar Sze Yui Wong

princess and witch

“i have no special talent. i am only passionately curious” -Albert Einstein

Kathryn Guinto


Carly Mikkelsen


“why so serious?”

Carlos Valdez

note to self

“as lines separating visceral and virtual diminish, embrace the pixel.”


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