Project Runway: Korea

October 27, 2009

Project Runway: Political Issue

SEX TRAFFICKING is one of the leading issues in Korea today. Mostly women and children are placed in in this situations where they are promised a better job and a better future in another country. They are kidnapped, taken advantage of and fooled into marriage. In some situations, it may be the parents, boyfreinds, husbands that put their female on the sex trade market rather than the female themselves agreeing to do so themselves. You can find more info here:

Korean tradition

The Holy Rollers took the traditional Korean Hanbok, and put a modern twist while also expressing a political issue. The Hanbok is a traditional garment that is mostly worn during big occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. It is usually made of bright colors. The fabrics range from cotton to finer fabrics like silk. The fabric you wear depends on the status of your family.




Since our concept of the garment was to represent Sex Trafficking, here is our analysis of the garment:

Top: Barber shops are one of the places in which sex trafficking occurs. Since sex is undercover in Korea, to let customers know that a place is “selling sex”, in Barber shops, there are two red, white and blue pinwheels are represented. It also represents the combination of the American and Korean flag with the red white and blue colors. Symbolizing Korean and American influences.

Skirt: The skirt is represented by a yellow color to symbolize Korea in the day time. The inside of the skirt is black to represent Korea at night. Attatched to the inside of the skirt are dollars to represent the selling of sex.





Modern American tradition:

The top is made out of old shirts cut up and placed back together again to make the long sleeve on the traditional Hanbok. The short length of the jacket gives the garment a more modern day feel and is made out of 100% Jersey Cotton.

The Holy Rollers took the Hanbok skirt made out of 100% Polyester and twisted the skirt so that the opening is facing the front instead of the back. This gives the garment a modern slit opening.

eths 210 008

eths 210 013

eths 210 005

On the Runway…



The Team behind the work:  The Holy Rollers


Congrats to the other groups as well!


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Thailand: HIV


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Burma: Political prisoners


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